Stockholm Technology & Interaction Research

The Stockholm Technology & Interaction Research group is based at Stockholm University, with a mix of technologists and social scientists researching and building new technologies. The group is led by three faculty members, Professor Barry Brown, Dr. Airi Lampinen and Dr. Donald McMillan. Our research is funded by a mix of funding from VR (Swedish Research Council), SSF, WASP-HS, Microsoft Research and Digital Futures. We currently have four PhD students (Razan Jaber, Sara Eriksson, Riyaz Sheikh, Kasper Karlgren), three post docs (Asreen Rostami, Minna Vigren and Deepika Yadav), and an assistant professor (Jordi Belenguer) in our group.

In terms of topics our recent published work covers a wide range – from gaze aware robots, to the use of eScooters in crowded urban environments. We focus on understanding new technologies in situ, and understanding how they are adopted and change existing social practices, alongside designing and rethinking how conventional technologies work.

Most of our work is published in the human computer interaction research field, and we publish in international conferences such as ACM CHI, CSCW and TEI conferences. Recent books from the group have been published by MIT Press, Sage and Morgan & Claypool. Along with helping to run conferences (TEI and CSCW), our work has been selected for best paper nominations (at CSCW, CHI, and ECSCW) as well as attracted considerable discussion in the popular media (Guardian, New York Times, Time magazine, Helsingin Sanomat, Wired).

We are always happy to discuss our work or possibilities for collaboration, so please get in touch!