Breastmilk Pumping and Workplace: Explicating Care Relationships

2022-2023 (Yadav, Balaam, Lampinen)

This study examines the experiences of working mothers who are lactating and expressing milk at their workplace. The study is guided by three research questions: (1) What organizational  and co-worker support do working mothers receive during their workday? (2) What barriers or challenges do working lactating mothers experience in their workplace (3) How do working mothers who are, or have been, lactating and expressing milk during their workday experience organization/state policies related to lactation and breastmilk expression. We think that knowing the answers to these kinds of questions will help us better understand the care needs of lactating women and how an organization and co-workers might create a workplace culture to support a broad range of care needs for employees.

Currently, we are conducting an interview study and all mothers who exclusively pump or have pumped over two weeks at their workplace are welcome to participate.

You can register your interest to participate in this study here: