We are happy to share that we have two workshops accepted at NordiCHI 2020:

Together with several colleagues of the Sharing and Caring COST action, Airi Lampinen is organising a workshop on sharing, cooperatives, economics, and design. The workshop aims to probe design resources tailored for exploring and further developing design insights from empirical and conceptual research on sharing and cooperativism. More info here: https://sharingcoopnordichi2020.wordpress.com/

Özge Subasi, Anton Fedosov, Oliver Bates, Airi Lampinen, Ann Light. Sharing & Cooperativism: Designing For Economies. NordiCHI 2020

Together with colleagues at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and MIT Media Lab, we also had a workshop accepted on the challenges and opportunities of programming with and for the moving body. The goal of this workshop is to collaboratively map out, discuss and reflect on existing approaches to programming with and for moving bodies, and articulate emerging dialogues between designers, developers, and their materials. Consider submitting to https://sites.google.com/view/programming-for-moving-bodies

Cristian Bogdan, Vasiliki Tsaknaki, Charles Windlin, Marianela Ciolfi Felice, Ozgun Kilic Afsar, Sara Eriksson, Ylva Fernaeus, and Pedro Sanches. Programming for Moving Bodies. NordiCHI 2020