Barry has just obtain new funding of 6 million sek for a project from  WASP-HS, an initiative for research in humanities and social science in AI and autonomous systems funded by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. The grant is for work on Autonomous Driving and road interaction. This work, in collaboration with Professor Mathias Broth at Linköping University, uses video analysis of traffic interactions to understand the road as a social environment. The project will document how humans change their expectations and behaviours when meeting AI-controlled vehicles, but also how those ongoing interactions in turn affect other road users. To look at this the researchers will collect video recordings in a range of different contexts – from existing semi-autonomous systems on the road, experimental test vehicles (at Nissan’s research laboratory in the USA) and current deployments on Swedish roads (with autonomous buses). The outputs from this project will support a better understanding of the social consequences of ‘mobile AI’ in terms of driver training, policy making and regulation. In turn, this will also inform the building of better autonomous vehicles.